Healing with Jefro's Botanicals!

Jarrett St Amand aka JEFRO

                                           WHO IS JEFRO?

Jarrett St. Amand (CPL USMC) is the person behind the persona. His story is real. His struggle is common. His solution is amazing. Having participated in Operation Restore Hope (1992) Somalia, Jarrett’s new battle became PTSD when he returned home. While at a restaurant he blacked out and shortly thereafter, Doctors discovered a tumor behind his right eye. Jarrett found hempa to offer relief from the pain under his eye and the PTSD symptoms. The anti-tumor effects of the Hempa cream reduces pain and nausea, may also act as an anti inflammatory, increases cancer cell death and decreases tumor growth.

Disappointed by the quality and purity of the topical Hempa brands he was using, Jarrett decided to create his own recipe, JEFRO was born. Jefro’s Hemp Creams are a combination of essential oils made from the highest quality ingredients possible offering quality, purity and efficacy. Just ask our labs at Pure Lab and C4 Labs located in Arizona, as we support our local companies.